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Reactive Neurogenesis and Gliogenesis in a Dravet Syndrome Mouse Model

(The Neural Stem Cell and Neurogenesis Lab)

Timeline: 4 years.

Project costs: €400.000

Fundraise: €20.000

Juan Manuel Encinas

IKERBASQUE Research Professor

Laboratory of Neural Stem Cells and Neurogenesis

Achucarro Basque Center for Neuroscience

Edif. Sede. Campus UPV/EHU. Barrio Sarriena s/n.

E-48940 Leioa (Bizkaia, España)

1. To analyze:
A) Alterations in hippocampal neurogenesis (reactive neural stem cells; aberrant newborn neurons);
B) Reactive gliosis (neuronal death, astrogliogenesis, microgliosis, inflammation, blood brain barrier…).

2. To explore novel therapeutic strategies acting on neural stem cells, newborn neurons, glia and inflammation.

Personnel (postdoc, part-time technician); Dravet Syndrome transgenic mouse colony. Equipment and Achucarro and UPV/EHU) services (imaging, genomic expression, proteoics…). Disposable materials and reagents.

The Apoyodravet Association (AD) central pillars are social innovation, patient-oriented technology and the promotion of research in the service of disease modification.

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