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Promotion of the ketogenic diet.

A programme to ensure accessibility and utilization of the ketogenic diet to refractory epilepsy patients in Spain

Active until March 31, 2021 in collaboration with Nutricia

Program benefits:

If you want to start the ketogenic diet, we can help you with the connection to more than 20 medical units in Spain and free dietary consultations.

We guide you through the whole process and provide you with information and training.

If you want information about the ketogenic diet, we provide you with information and we give you the possibility to talk with doctors and dieticians.

Webinar “Una dieta para la epilepsia. Los fármacos no siempre son la solución” Viernes 22 Mayo 2020

Program developed in collaboration with Nutricia Ibérica

Epilepsia, Cognición, Educación

Coorganizado por Apoyodravet, MJN Neuro, Espacio epilepsia.

Patient clinical trials

Open clinical trials in the INDRE group Epilepsy Unit Hospital Ruber Internacional Madrid

XEN1101, potassium channel modulator drug. Open to patients over 18 years of age with refractory focal epilepsy.

Cognitive test


In collaboration with the social company Impulso Cognitivo (first startup generated in INDRE.

A precise evaluation and diagnosis, tailored to each person, applying the most consolidated scientific techniques for the evaluation of cognitive processes.

Our reports are clear and precise, allowing a much clearer view of the cognitive development of each person.

At Impulso Cognitivo we pursue the dream of understanding the cognitive reality of each person and exploring their differences with respect to the rest in order to offer a tailored response. To achieve this, our reports will place a personalized cognitive description of each person in your hands.

We will advise you to achieve a realistic adjustment between the intervention plan of your centre and the basic cognitive characteristics of each person.

ORIENTED to educational centers, therapeutic centers and medical units.

For individual tests ask for possibilities.

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