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80% of your donation will go directly to the project or projects of your choice and 20% of your donation will go to the development of the following INDRE programs.

These programs ensure that INDRE projects have greater efficiency, sustainability and impact.

If you want your donation to be distributed among several projects, choose the amount and the projects in the form on the right.

  • INDRE grants and scholarships program

  • Technology and knowledge transfer program

  • Dissemination and visibility program


Choose the project or projects you wish to donate to.

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Temporarily, while we finished configuring the payment gateway, we have enabled donations through the Dravet Support website.



As a sponsor, you will sign an agreement with ApoyoDravet, in which you can indicate your choices in the distribution of your sponsorship.

You can choose between all INDRE scientific projects or promote various scientific, technological and social programs developed by INDRE.

Take advantage of the tax benefits of your collaboration. Increase your social and economic value.

For companies, foundations, associations

Contact us to talk about the INDRE benefits for sponsors.


We identify projects with future profitable products or services for your investment.

We apply the INDRE methodology to minimize risks and generate the highest possible return value. We look for shorter and more efficient developments.

Get profitability obtained by the exploitation rights and a high social impact at a time.

An impact investment in which you can participate in all its processes, decisions and feel involved in reaching the milestones.

Our INDRE team will work on a daily basis to seek maximum utility and a prompt arrival on the market, becoming a partner of your investment

We are committed to you, contact us.

INDRE Investors Club

Become a shareholder in companies with a high social impact.

Investment in neuroscience, Socially committed investors, generating change through the management of their investment.


June 2020 Investment Round

ImpulsoCognitivo is a recently created company that applies the most innovative knowledge of neuroscience to education and cognitive stimulation, developing cognitive profiles in order to:

Our value is based on the elaboration of cognitive profiles to the patients based on the executive and temporal functions, establishing afterwards a precise and personalized intervention.

Our objective is to position ourselves as the first company to offer cognitive improvements through education and precision cognitive stimulation by providing a comprehensive management service for personalized cognitive tests.

An emerging company based in the technology park of Ermua (Biscay) under the impetus of the Bilbao scientist Dr Jon Andoni Duñabeitia.


Brain organs for personalized medicine.

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You will receive information about the projects and will be able to participate in the investment rounds or loan openings.

In addition to having the possibility that your money will generate benefits, you will participate in the project's social council (constant information, participation in decision making, visits...)

Possibility for your close stakeholders to participate in proofs of concept and trials if they meet criteria, thus being the first beneficiaries of the project.

Possibility of enjoying advantageous conditions of accessibility to the final products.

The return on your investment will depend on the success of the company or project in which you invest. Things may not go well. Although successful projects usually guarantee significant benefits, 9 out of 10 projects do not achieve their objectives.

At the INDRE research network we mitigate this risk with a multidisciplinary team that accompanies the projects, facilitating their success and with transparency and information about the projects.


Most of the investment tickets are from 1000 euros.




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The Apoyodravet Association (AD) central pillars are social innovation, patient-oriented technology and the promotion of research in the service of disease modification.

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