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Investigating Epilepsy by Super-resolution Imaging of Synapses and the Extracellular Space in Live Brain Tissue

(Laboratory of Neuronal Excitability)

Duration: 2019-2020 Construction of STED microscope 2020-2021 Utilization of the STED microscope in settings of experimental epilepsy and Dravet’s syndrome.

Proyect cost: 200.000 Euros.

Scientific groups: We seek to adopt and develop novel STED imaging methods that allow visualization of brain tissue at unprecedented nanoscale resolution in live brain slices. This will allow us to investigate new aspects of experimental epilepsy and Dravet’s Syndrome.

The first step of this work is the construction of a highly advanced new type of microscope (STED microscope) at our facilities on the Campus Area of the UPV/EHU in Leioa. Only a handful of similar microscopes exist worldwide, and they have not yet been applied to study Dravet’s Syndrome.

We expect that our efforts will provide much needed new knowledge on Dravet’s Syndrome and related disorders characterized by hyperexcitatory signaling.

Jan Tonnesen


60.000 Euros.




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