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We are interested in dendritic spines and glutamatergic signaling in Dravet syndrome. Understanding how spines change their function in Dravet Syndrome may help us understand the disease and ultimately identify new therapeutic targets. Dendritic spine dysfunction is a common finding in related epilepsies and autism spectrum disorders, but very little is currently known about the situation in Dravet’s Syndrome.


Jan Tonnesen

La Asociación Apoyodravet (AD) tiene como pilares fundamentales la innovación social, tecnología orientada al paciente y la promoción de la investigación al servicio de la modificación de la enfermedad.


Achucarro Center and University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU)



areas of investigation

The Apoyodravet Association (AD) central pillars are social innovation, patient-oriented technology and the promotion of research in the service of disease modification.

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